MI Abaga names Mode 9 in top five Nigerian lyricists

MI Abaga

Rapper, MI Abaga, has named fellow rapper, Mode 9, as one of his top five Nigerian lyricists of all time.

The 38-year-old revealed the list of his favourite lyricists on Twitter on Friday.

The Jos-born rapper tweeted, “My top five lyricists all-time Naija excluding myself (hehehe) in no particular order would be: Mode, Ghost, AQ, Freestyle and Boogey…”

This is not the first time MI has expressed his admiration for Mode 9, Ghost and Freestyle.

In May 2018, when a user on Twitter asked him to list his top five African rappers of all time, he also included them.

“Mode, Proverb, Jags, Freestyle and Ghost,” he wrote.