Mercy Johnson creates scene, wears bedroom slippers to Ufuoma McDermott’s birthday party

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson created a scene at her colleague Ufuoma McDermott’s birthday party on Friday.

The mother of four was one of the first persons to arrive at the party, and she walked in wearing cartoon stockings and bedroom slippers, much to the amusement of her colleagues.

Ufuoma found it quite funny, and uploaded a video of Mercy to Instagram on Saturday.

She wrote, “Mercy is normal. We all want to be like her.”

Also present at the party were Hilda Dokuba and Nancy Isime. Hilda, a veteran Nollywood actress, also took a video recording of Mercy. In the video, she laughs and says, “This is Mercy’s leg o, not another person’s leg. This is Mercy’s leg on Ufuoma’s birthday.”

Ufuoma McDermott enjoys a good relationship with many of her colleagues in the movie industry.

She got married in 2010 to Steven McDermott. They have two children together, a boy named Isio, and a daughter Kes.