Maryam Booth celebrates birthday, recounts loss of mum

Kannywood actress Maryam Booth has recounted the loss of her mum on her 28th birthday.

The actress uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram on Thursday, saying that losing her mum has been the biggest challenge life has thrown at her.

Maryam also added that she is grateful for adding another year as she looks forward to a fresh start.

“I am grateful for surviving all the challenges throughout the last 365 days and turning a year older.Growing up, everyone around me spent all their time trying to be great. I am one of the lucky ones who has always been great. As I turn a year older today, I am most thankful for the people around me and the gift of being alive. It is with great growth through the hard and good times that I have become the person I am today.

“Last year was a bit tough, but I was tougher. I got through it, and today is the start of a promising year. I am looking forward to a fresh start with all the good things that life can throw at me.

“Loosing my mum has been the biggest challenge life has thrown at me but knowing in shaa Allah she’s in a better place makes me smile. may Allah subahanawu wata Ala brightens our parents graves may they be among the choosen once and in tamu tazo Allah SA mu cika da imani,” she wrote.

Fellow celebrities and fans wished the celebrant a happy birthday in the comment section of the post.