Married lawyer living in father’s BQ wins three-bedroom house from Globacom

Lawyer Chimera Woke living in father’s BQ wins three-bedroom house from Globacom in Rivers State

Chimeka Woke, a 26-year-old lawyer has won a three-bedroom house in the Globacom Festival of Joy promo.

Mr. Woke was informed of his winning on Thursday, December 7 by Glo officials who called to tell him his phone number had just been picked in an electronic draw.

The call, according to him, came just as he was getting worried about raising enough money to pay for an apartment to move his wife and 11-month-old baby into.

Woke, an Ikwerre, Rivers State-born legal practitioner was presented the keys to the apartment at a colourful ceremony on Friday, December 8.

As he explained, he had just dropped off his recuperating father in the hospital for a physiotherapy session and was waiting when his phone rang only to be told that he had won a three-bedroom apartment.

“I literally abandoned my dad and ran to the Glo office on Aba Road just to be sure I heard well”, he said, adding that it sounded too good to be true for someone staying in his father’s boys’ quarters to be called and told he had just won a house.

According to him, he had been thinking in the last few weeks about how to raise funds to rent an apartment that his small family of wife and daughter would move into.

“It was as if God and Globacom were monitoring me”, he disclosed enthusiastically while expressing gratitude to the company for initiating the subscriber-reward programme.

Speaking at the prize presentation, chairman of Ahoada Local Government Chairman Ben Eke said Globacom had established a reputation for giving back to society.

“For giving people the opportunity to own a house, I must congratulate you. I am going to be your ambassador in propagating your good works,” Mr. Eke said.