My marriage has crashed, Ibinabo Fiberesima discloses as she clocks 44

Ibinabo Fiberesima

Former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has declared that her marriage to Uche Egbuka has crashed.

The ex-beauty queen made the revelation in a social media post on Friday, the day she officially clocked 44.

Once married to entertainment promoter, Philip Trimnell, Ibinabo had an affair with President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, Fred Amata, before her traditional marriage to Egbuka late 2014.

She was very active during the Goodluck Jonathan presidency but has become a social recluse in the last one year during which the Appeal Court upheld her five-year sentence for the death of Dr Giwa Siraj.

The University of Ibadan alumnus also disclosed she had surgeries to remove lumps in her breast.

If I told you that I think of you everyday would you believe me? Yes You. All of you who have refused to leave my side even as the devil got restless with the storm in life. You who have shown how thick blood can be by being truly supportive FAMILY. Be it nuclear or extended. You who have crushed the fakeness in friendships and stayed with your love for me in the darkest of times as amazing FRIENDS. Wether old or new. And the adorable you who puts meaning into being a FAN and have tirelessly protected me with prayers and well wishes. Both in our home country and overseas. Everyday my mind and heart meets deep gratitude over the individual and collective roles God has used you all to play in my life. All who know me would find this easy to believe since there is no ceasing of praises to God from my lips for the power of my support system for I have not known life to be as daunting as the last couple of years have shown me. The last year in particular has severally presented survival as a questionable option. Giving me struggles that seemed impossible to deal with, fading my strength to keep going by the minute feeding my fears and insecurities with worries that come to steal joy. From the shock of a 3 time presense of lumps in the breast to surgeries fighting for my life and the pain of a disolution of a bond I hoped to keep with a life time partner and the re-emergence of singleness. From the tension of awaiting a judges pronouncement to the horror of walking into prison over a cross accidentally aquired and carried for so long. Tell me how could I have survived the year without you guys? I think about it every day and everyday my love for God and good hearted men rise but today the 13th of January it hits it’s peak and my joy officially knows no bounds as God has kept me alive despite all and led me to witness yet another birthday with the people I love. So do please as you read this, see how happy I feel to have you and to be here with you. To have God and to be assured that his blessings are here to stay.

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