Maraji reveals she married man who dumped her after two years


Skit maker Gloria Oloruntobi popularly known as Maraji has revealed that she married the same man who ended their relationship and made her weep on social media two years ago.

The soon-to-be mum made this known in an Instagram story on Saturday, during a question and answer session.

“Aunty Gloria remember that time you were heartbroken, was it your current hubby?” a fan had asked.

Reacting to the question, Maraji confirmed that it was the same lover who ended their relationship of two years.

“This same guy, this same housemate of mine, na em break my heart. I would have given you guys the full story but let’s just move past it,” she said.

Recall that Maraji had in September 2020, narrated how she was dumped by her boyfriend after two years.

“Recently I was dumped by my ex for no reason. Apparently, he likes someone else. It has been a tough month because it happened just last month. It has been a tough month. People have been very supportive of me, sorry people have been extremely supportive of me but there has been this friend of mine who I just made. Honestly, he has been there.

“He is in India and I am here in Nigeria like he always calls me. And it shocks me that why does this person care about how I’m doing. I feel like God blessed me with this person,” she wrote.

The Instagram comedian added that she shared her story because she wanted the public to know that she cries too and goes through pain sometimes.