Man accused of stealing clothes shows up naked in court


A 32-year-old man, Alex Mugo, on Monday appeared at an Embu court in Kenya almost unclad, for allegedly stealing clothes, Citizen TV reports.

Mr Mugo told the court presided over by Magistrate Jean Ndegeri, that he was stripped of his clothes by officers at Embu Police Station where he was detained after his arrest on Sunday.

The prosecution told the court that Mugo was wearing clothes he had allegedly stolen on the day of his arrest, hence, was forced to remove them so that they could be used as exhibit.

When he was reportedly offered other items of clothing, he declined to put them on, insisting that he would only accept the confiscated clothes.

Mugo, who was brought to court with only a piece of cloth covering his private parts, had attempted to strip naked in the courtroom by dropping the shawl in front of the lady magistrate.

He did not take a plea after the prosecution applied for the matter to be postponed since the accused was deemed inappropriately dressed.

Mugo faces three counts of theft and possession of drugs.

The prosecution told the court that on January 10 at Kaunda Estate, Mugo stole three trousers, two vests and two shirts belonging to Vincent Musembi.

He also allegedly stole a khaki trouser and pinkish shirt on January 13 at Blue Valley within Embu County.

11 rolls of cannabis were found in his possession at Embu Police Station.

He, however, alleges that the drugs were planted on him by police officers.

The owner of the clothes said he had washed them and left on the line to dry but upon returning home in the evening, he found them missing.

A few days later, he said he came across the accused wearing one of his stolen trouser and shirt prompting him to report the matter to the police.