Majek Fashek was like a younger brother to me – Orits Wiliki

Orits Wiliki

Reggae singer, Orits Wiliki, has stated that fellow reggae singer, Majek Fashek, who died on Tuesday, was like a younger brother to him.

The ‘Ten Commandments’ singer said this during an interview with QED TV on Wednesday.

“Majek was like a younger brother to me…We grew up together…We were more that friends, even from NTA Benin…”

Orits also revealed that one of Majek’s songs ‘Send Down the Rain’ which earned him the moniker, Rainmaker, was actually first recorded by him.

He said, “…In fact, his ‘Send Down the Rain’ song, was actually first recorded by us, Amos McGroy and James…”

On his reaction to the death of Majek who died following an undisclosed illness, the ‘Don’t Blame the Youth’ crooner noted that though sad, it was not entirely unexpected due to to Majek’s well-known struggles.

“…Like somebody said, evil day postponed… It’s what we had been expecting because he had been ill for a while. We were just praying to God to grant him healing…,” said the singer who was born Rassam Wiliki.

Watch the full interview below: