Magodo: Landlords to file petition against police, alleged land-grabbers

Shangisha estate in Magodo

Magodo Residents Association says it will file a petition against the policemen and some persons who tried to take possession of some property in Shangisha estate on Tuesday.

Chairman of the association Bajo Shonubi said the policemen and the alleged land-grabbers came into the estate without documents to back up their actions.

“We are going to file a petition against the policemen and the land-grabbers and everyone who partook in the act. The issue of the land is between the Adeyiga family and the state government, we locked the gate leading to the estate to prevent breakdown of law and order in the estate,” he said.

The Magodo Landlords Association called on the Adeyiga family to resolve their court case with the Lagos State Government to avoid breakdown of law and order in the estate.

The landlords’ legal adviser Morenike George-Taylor told The Eagle that she was disappointed with the way the alleged land-grabbers invaded the estate and how they took laws into their hands.

“How could a defender and police take law into their hands when a case is still pending in court? All properties have certificate of occupancy, the court only granted the state government to allot a portion for them.

“If government didn’t allot land to them, must they now come and mark other people’s houses for demolition? It is not as easy as they thought, we are going to petition those who participated in the illegal activities,” she said.

The closure of the estate’s gates has halted activities in the area and rendered residents stranded.