Lockdown: Pastor Chris Okafor distributes palliatives to the needy

Pastor Chris Okafor

Founder of the Liberation City, Pastor Chris Okafor, has distributed palliatives to the public as part of efforts to cushion the effect of the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Made possible by the Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation, members of the public have received 500 bags of rice, 500 bags of beans, 500 bags of garri, 3,000 tubers of yam and cash.

“Whether you are a church member, Christian, Muslim or even pagan, he doesn’t care about that. He just gives to everybody. And he does this monthly and not necessarily because of COVID-19 which is now ravaging the whole world,” one of the beneficiaries said.

“I have always benefited from his largesse because I stay not too far from the church. Beyond the foodstuff, those of us around here are also grateful to him for providing our community with road, water and a transformer.

“Our prayer for him is that God will continue to provide for him so that he too can continue to support us. We also advise other pastors to learn from him and support the poor around them.”

Okafor said he had been doing this every month prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, but that he does not publicise it.

“The truth is that outside of preaching the word of God, the other thing that gives me so much joy is helping the poor. But being a good Christian, we just do it and we don’t make noise about it,” he said.

“Sincerely, I wish I could do more. Nonetheless, I thank the Lord for the little he’s using us to do, both here and also in other places.”