Locals resort to bras, pants as price for face mask soars


Bangkok locals in Thailand have begun wearing bras and pants to cover their faces as the country runs out of face masks, Daily Mail reports.

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, has been carpeted in a thick blanket of killer smog since Sunday – sparking health warnings and desperate attempts to make it rain.

But the toxic cloud, a mixture of fine particles that is eight times higher than safe levels, is expected to continue for at least another month amidst humid, stagnant weather.

Sales of masks that block out the particles have soared and most shops are out of stock.

The chaotic situation has caused people to take to social media with pictures of their own improvised solutions to the toxic smog.

Bras have become a popular alternative and one man was seen with his wife’s red bra strapped across his face while he rides a motorcycle.

Another woman placed a pair of green pants across her head to try and prevent the fumes from entering her lungs.

The responses came as Thai officials attempted to fight the smog by spraying water into the air.

It is believed that the ‘artificial rain’ will help to disperse the pollutants lingering in the sky.

But the bizarre method of tackling the pollution drew bemused responses from locals, who have been rushing to stock up on face masks to protect them from the smog.

While health agencies have also warned that the government is not taking the threat to health seriously.

Former head of the country’s Pollution Control Department, Supat Wangwongwatana, said: “The measures implemented last year were the same as this year, and still the smog returned to about the same level. They weren’t a solution, just temporary relief of the situation’s severity.”