Linda Ikeji gets her blog back

Linda IkejiGoogle has reactivated Linda Ikeji’s popular blog barely 24 hours after it was shut down over allegations of intellectual property theft.

Embattled blogger, Linda Ikeji, announced the news on social media with the message: “And Google restores I hear it’s a record. Normally it takes weeks or months to restore a deleted blog. But not LIB.”

In a follow up tweets, she explained that Google had restored the blog after verifying that the allegations of plagiarism were “bogus and deliberate sabotage.”

The back and forth over the blog allegedly arose from a sour relationship between Ms Ikeji and her antagonist, who calls himself AyeDee on Twitter.

In a post on Thursday, the former model said “what happened with my blog wasn’t about beef. It wasn’t because I showed off my new SUV. It wasn’t about plagiarism, or copyright infringement. It was something deeper, very personal and maybe even more dangerous. Some would call it obsession.”

AyeDee, she revealed, later turned out to be a man she knew as Alex 1976AD who gave her the Person of the Year award in 2011.

After helping to set Linda on the path of blogging success, the man became upset because the young woman did not give him the attention he desired.

He was said to have gone after her after several attempts to draw her attention in the past yielded no result.

The two have apparently made up, with Alex 1976AD or AyeDee promising to help her in future endeavours.