Leave TB Joshua to rest in peace, Prophet Odumeje warns Okotie

Prophet Odumeje

Controversial preacher Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje has issued a strong-worded warning to Pastor Chris Okotie over the latter’s continuous criticism of the late Prophet TB Joshua.

Okotie, last week, released a video on YouTube where he criticised Joshua again, saying the late clergyman took himself as another Jesus Christ.

Addressing Okotie during a sermon broadcast live on Facebook on Sunday, Odumeje said Okotie was in a far lesser position to analyse Joshua.

He said, “There is a man who doesn’t want the general to rest in peace and allow his family to mourn the general and the person is Chris Okotie. Young man, we have respected you enough, I have not seen you do anything in this life, save souls like TB Joshua did.

“And for you to come out to say TB Joshua was a devil and you began to analyse. Does answering Emmanuel mean I’m a devil? When I name my church synagogue because I have a right to bear the name of my father, does answering the name of Jesus mean you are Christ?

“When you can’t do what a man can do, you have no right to talk about him because you are not in the same level and you don’t have the same qualification and you are not in the same spiritual balance.

“Before you open your mouth to speak about a man you must have done what he did, but when you can’t do such things, then you are not qualified to talk against him because he is too far from you what you don’t understand don’t criticize it, what you need to do is to keep quiet. Talking against it makes you more childish. Chris Okotie I’m still warning you. English, is not our own language, go and deliver yourself first.”

Odumeje, who had visited Joshua’s wife to mourn with her, warned that any preacher who speaks ill of Joshua again would face spiritual attack.

He also mocked Okotie over the latter’s reported interest in the Presidency again.