Lauretta Onochie labels Channels TV’s Chamberlain Usoh hater of good news

Lauretta Onochie Muhammadu Buhari PA on soocial media

Social media aide to the president Lauretta Onochie on Wednesday labelled Channels TV anchor Chamberlain Usoh as a hater of good news.

Mrs Onochie shared a video on Twitter of a Channels TV reporter speaking with the chairman of the Mile 12 market in Lagos.

The reporter says food prices are cheaper this year than they were last year.

Onochie, however, said the news took the “good-news-hating” Mr Usoh by surprise.

She wrote: “The Facts are in Food is cheaper this season than same time last year. The news took the good-news-hating @chamberlainusoh by surprise.

“This reporter & the Market Chairman managed to squeeze them in.

“Our nation is going through a hard time. Surely we can do with some Good news.”

The presidential aide also attacked the broadcast station’s flagship breakfast show Sunrise Daily which Usoh co-anchors, saying it relishes bad news.

“When there’s bad news, the media must report it to Nigerians. But when there’s good news to cheer the people up, the media must also report it.

“But I have never seen anyone enjoy, relish and savour with glee, the reporting of bad news the way it’s done on @sunrisedailynow,” she added.