LASU prof Lai Oso, who died in car accident, buried in Sagamu

Prof Lai Oso of LASU dies in auto crash

The family of the late Prof Lai Oso buried his remains on Friday in his hometown of Sagamu, Ogun State.

The professor of communication at Lagos State University (LASU) died in a car accident along Ore-Sagamu expressway on June 24, 2023.

He was returning from Delta State University where he was an external examiner for PhD students when he had the accident.

The burial service was attended by the deceased’s colleagues, friends, and students across the country.

In his sermon, general overseer of the Victory Life Church Apostle Lawrence Achudume urged the congregation to be mindful of tomorrow.


LASU lecturer Prof Lai Oso dies in auto accident

No one to wait on me anymore, late LASU prof Lai Oso’s wife speaks

He eulogised Prof. Oso for living behind good legacies to talk about after his exit from the world.

According to him, the scholar did not only impact his world of the academy which has taken him through many institutions of journalism in Nigeria and abroad but has also impacted the lives of hitherto hopeless students, dropouts and indeed widows in the church where he worshipped.

Achudume charged the people to serve humanity the way the scholar did.

He said Oso’s death was avoidable but for bad roads across the country.

“Prof. Oso lived his life for us all. He had the opportunity to make money but he allowed self-contentment to be his watchword.

”A man contented and satisfied in little but doing good to all.

“As for him, Oso whose burial attracted hundreds of well-wishers around the globe for the four days his rites of passage lasted, will be long remembered for living for others, giving all he has to make students, friends, widows, and all those who come across him better beings,” said the cleric.