Lami Phillips releases ‘Romantic Boy’ video

Lami PhillipsNigerian female Afro-soul singer, Lami Phllips, has released the video for her single, ‘Romantic Boy.

The video for the track, which featured multi-talented artist K9, was filmed in a variety of locations around Lagos.

Written by Lami herself and developed by S TWO Media, the video features childhood friendswhose relationship evolved over the course of their teenage years.

With the track containing elements of Patra’s 90s hit ‘Romantic Call’, Lami and her team wanted to create a fun, feel-good video while reminding both gents and ladies about the importance of romantic gestures in any relationship.

‘Romantic Boy’ follows the release of singles from her sophomore album Pieces of Love such as ‘Ori Mi Wu’ ft. Ice Prince, ‘Titi Lailai’ ft. internationally acclaimed and multi-talented jazz artist and producer FemTones, who has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, George Benson and The Roots.

Speaking of the video, Lami said, “I’m so naughty for delaying the release of this video till now. Truth is TeamLami really wanted to do a lot in a certain space of time. My focus has been on recording and making sure the album makes sense.

“I had fun shooting with K9. As you can see, he’s as unwell as I am so we had jokes for days! Please enjoy my silly side. Till the next release, be yourself and know God loves ya!”