Laila Charani is my co-wife and friend – Regina Daniels

Actress Regina Daniels

Actress Regina Daniels has described Laila Charani, the Morrocan wife of her husband Ned Nwoko as her co-wife and friend.

The 21-year-old said this during the popular ‘I’m not the celebrant’ challenge at Laila’s birthday party.

Ned Nwoko threw a birthday dinner for Laila on Monday night to celebrate her birthday.

When it got to Regina’s turn during the challenge, she called Laila her co-wife as well as her friend.

“I’m not the celebrant, I’m the celebrant’s wifey slash friend,” a happy Regina said.

The other women who attended the birthday dinner also described the nature of their relationship with the celebrant.

It would appear that this is the first time the family is coming together to celebrate Laila’s birthday since she and her husband reconciled.

Laila announced her separation from Nwoko on November 1, 2021 weeks after she unfollowed her politician husband and Regina Daniels on Instagram.

Confirming their separation in an Instagram post a month after, Nwoko accused Laila of infidelity, child abandonment, and domestic abuse.

Regina Daniels’ husband Ned Nwoko steps out with Moroccan wife Laila Charani after reconciliation

Laila claimed in a February 2022 Instagram post that her relationship with Nwoko changed after he married Regina Daniels.

According to the Moroccan, Nwoko shifted all attention to the actress and her son and only showed love to her (Laila) and her children on social media.

Things took a dramatic turn in September when she publicly apologised to Nwoko and his family.

The women threw a birthday party to celebrate Ned Nwoko on his birthday last year.