Lagos perm sec calls for calm over naira notes, fuel scarcity

New naira notes

Mr Segun Osinaike the Tutor General/Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Education District IV, has called on Nigerians to remain peaceful and calm over the scarcity of new naira notes and petrol, assuring of better days ahead.

Osinaike said this while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos.

He said that the current situation of scarcity of naira notes, fuel and others, confronting Nigerians would soon be over.

“I am aware that the difficulty is biting harder and it is becoming unbearable, but I can assure Nigerians that tomorrow will be better.

“If we don’t endure the pains today, the hardships will continue, therefore, we all should be calm, remain peaceful and resolute, everything will take shape soonest,” he said.

He said there was no development that would be attained without its own adversities as every development had its own challenges.

“Therefore, Nigerians should exercise patience, endure for a while and support the country and our leaders with prayers, everything will normalise soonest,” he said.

Osinaike advised pupils and parents to be tolerant and endure this difficult time, adding that every innovation would always come with its on dilemma.

“Parents should please guide their children aright and train them on how to face these kinds of challenges for future purposes.

“I implore students to behave well during this trying period, they should not be used as agents of destruction of government property.

“I am sure the government is looking critically into these crises and I am sure the government will proffer a lasting solution very soon,’’ he said.

The tutor general/permanent secretary urged Nigerians to vote wisely and elect leaders with impecabble and unquestionable character.