Apostle Omashola fires back at Naira Marley’s fans over prophecy

Lagos pastor Chris Omatsola and ex-lover Tamaratokoni Okpewho

Apostle Chris Omashola of Zionwealth of Life Assembly has fired back at fans of singer, Naira Marley, who accused him of hypocrisy after he described the musician as Satanic.

Naira Marley’s fans on Tuesday dug up reports of the preacher’s sex adventure with his former lover, Tamaratokoni Okpewho, to ridicule him.

Tweeting in response on Wednesday, Apostle Omashola said he had moved passed the ordeal and had made peace with the lady and with God.

“I have made peace with the lady in question, made peace with my God and moved past that phase of life long ago. However, I stand to say NO TO internet frauds, drugs abuse, immorality, gansterism, mannerlessness and other demonic Marlian Manifestations. #MarliansGetLost #ACO1,” he said.

“I am not ashamed and cannot be shamed by Marlians of my yesterday’s mistakes which I have since repented from and God has forgiven me of. I have gone through series of repentance process as a man and with my head up and shoulders high, I have moved passed that. #MarliansGetLost.”

The preacher added: “My dear, It’s cool to be a #Christian or #Muslimian but not a #Marlian. Don’t brand urself #Marlians, it’s demonic, satanic and more spiritual than you think, It’s not a joke. Don’t confess what you don’t know about. Roman’s 10vs10 #MarliansGetLost #ACOProphecies2020 #ChrisOmashola.”

In November 2018, the cleric and his ex-lover clashed over the leaked sex video.

Okpewho accused Omashola of releasing the video to force her into marriage with him. But the preacher said the video was leaked to blackmail him.

He later relocated his church to an undisclosed location alleging threat to his life.