Lady Omoerijesu Temilade graduates from FUTA nine years after accident in final year

A young woman Omoerijesu Temilade has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) nine years after she was involved in an accident while in her final year.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair since the accident, Mrs Omoerijesu returned to the school and reactivated her studentship in 2019. She graduated on November 26, 2021, 14 years after enrolling for the programme.

The school in a Facebook post on Sunday said the circumstances of the break of Omoerijesu’s studentship were considered.

“In 2019, she applied for reactivation of her studentship and after due consideration of the circumstances of her 7 years break of studentship, the Senate of the University presided over by the Vice Chancellor Professor Joseph Fuwape, granted her request,” the varsity said.

Omoerijesu, whose story is that of destiny delayed but not denied, said in a post to Instagram on November 26 that she defied odds to resume her studentship.

“I had the opportunity to complete my first degree after 9 years due to a massive break following the road traffic accident I had during my final year 2012, and FUTA came to term with my vision of completing what I started with my reputable institution on requesting for my studentship reactivation though after some moves prior 2019,” she wrote.

“Even though there are changes physically but my institution with great minds of great Academia agreed at a meeting point with my prestigious department and my dreams of completing my first degree was actualized as no stone was left unturned.”

She said that the joy of seeing her dream become a reality has conquered the difficulties she experienced moving around for lectures and other school activities.

Omoerijesu thanked everyone, including her husband, for offering support.