KWAM 1’s friend Bolaji Basia replies critics of marriage advice

K1 de Ultimate Kwam 1 and Bolaji Basia

Bolaji Basia has replied to critics who speculated that his friend Wasiu Ayinde aka KWAM 1 was throwing shades at him during his performance at Iyabo Ojo’s mother’s remembrance.

Reacting in an Instagram post on Thursday, Bolaji shared a photo of himself and KWAM 1 with a message assuring critics that his friendship with the fuji star is made in heaven and nothing can come between them.

“Nice try guys…Omo, this friendship was made in heaven and that’s exactly where it’s going to end nsha Allah, Amen,” he wrote. had reported that after KWAM 1 tied the knot with his new wife Emmanuella Ropo, Bolaji who is aware of the singer’s history with women, delivered an inconvenient message on social media saying, “in as much as I want to wish your new wife to be the last, but, deep down me I know that may not be possible.”

However, at Iyabo Ojo’s mother’s remembrance, KWAM 1 took the stage to perform and also address concerns about his new marriage.

According to him, he recently got married in Abeokuta and someone prayed that he would not live in bliss with his new wife till old age.

Wasiu advised them to shut their mouths because they are not God. Speaking further through his lyrics, the music star said the cynic also had their own vices and are not actually after his welfare but their own.

The Fuji star also said that he is already married to his Emmanuella and whatever is troubling his naysayers is more than what they could speak in public.

Wasiu said he was handing over them to God because they all have their own personal issues.

Also known as K1 de Ultimate, the singer tied the knot with Emmanuella at a ceremony in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital on Thursday, November 18.