Kunle Afod calls for prayer for wife after breakup prank

Kunle Afod and wife Desola

Actor Kunle Afod has asked his followers to pray for his wife Desola, days after the latter playfully announced their separation.

The actor posted a photo of himself and Desola on Instagram on Sunday, with a poetic message.

He wrote: “Together forever @desolaafod. They said you said. They called to say. Them say Them say. What you did not say What I did not say. He who tries to see the blink of a crab Will surely stay forever at a riverside Dede, love you so much.You guys should help me pray for my opomulero She’s so loving and hard working.”

The couple made headlines last week after Desola played a break up prank on her Instagram followers.

Desola announced the separation in an Instagram post on Tuesday last week, 24 hours after celebrating Kunle’s birthday.

She, however made a U-turn when she posted a video of herself face timing her husband with a love song playing in the background.

In 2018, Desola caused a major commotion on Instagram when she cried out that actresses would not allow her and her children to enjoy her husband.

The woman who calls herself celeb wife wrote, “For all the actresses and upcoming actresses that have f**ked with Baba Omiayo, I dare you all to be in the same location with him. Then you will see the relaxed Desola. Just because I have been quiet.”

The couple got married in 2013. They have four children together.

Kunle, however, has a 19-year-old daughter named Angel from a previous relationship.