Korra Obidi raises alarm over alleged rape threat

Dancer Korra Obidi has raised an alarm over an alleged threat to rape her.

The mother of two in a now-deleted Instagram story on Sunday shared a message she claimed was sent to her by an unknown person who threatened her with rape.

The anonymous writer added that her ex-husband, Justin Dean will forget about the children he had with her once he gets married to a white lady.

Korra’s daughter Athena was also mentioned in the message.

Worried over the message, Korra Obidi wrote: “Every morning I get racist mail from this person, I don’t know where this is coming from but I need help in finding and suing them.

The message read in parts: “Athena is obese she is so dirty fat pig that she has a lot of fat to her body with your ugly African children. no man wants you men will fuck you and leave you fat pig you with your big belly with a lot of fat.

“Hope Justin meets a beautiful white woman and makes beautiful white children he will forget your African children. you look like a monkey hahaha look yourself in a mirror, a pig that you are an unhappy soul that you are your life consists only of eating idle satan that you are. go back to your country monkey that you are.

“Ugly black legs you have to go to a beauty parlor hope white men will rape you and give you HIV fat pig you, never call yourself princess again because everyone is laughing at you. Get checked out by a psychiatrist because you’ve gone crazy because beautiful Justin dumped you hahahahah.”

Korra and Justin Dean made headlines in March when the latter announced they are getting a divorce one week after they welcomed their second child.