Korra Obidi debunks report she was hospitalised, treated for undisclosed illness

Dancer Korra Obidi has debunked a report she was admitted to a hospital and treated for an undisclosed illness.

A blog reported that the mother of two was hospitalised and being treated after Korra posted a video of her laying on a bed with her hand connected to a drip bag in hospital fashion.

Many fans also took to the comment section to wish her a speedy recovery.

However, in her reaction to the prayers, Korra Obidi stated that she was only taking her vitamins.

“I’m not sick guys. I’m only taking my vitamins she said.”

Korra and her ex-husband Justin Dean made headlines in March after the latter announced they are getting a divorce one week after they welcomed their second child.

According to Korra, the drama with her ex-husband started before she became famous on social media and got worse when she started making money online.

The 27-year-old has vowed never to show off her relationship on social media.

“If I have another bae, I will never ever put him online. I will hide it from you. I remember those times someone will go and email him. ‘Look at what your wife is doing every day’. How will he not run away, how will he not disappear, how will he not tell me to pack out of his house 5 days postpartum,” she said on Instagram.