Kiitan Bukola denies owning demolished property worth ‘N500m’

Kiitan Bukola

Actress Bukola has denied owning a property allegedly worth 500 million which was demolished in 2023.

Kiitan Bukola first alerted the public about the demolition in a video shared via Instagram on a Saturday.

In the video, Bukola who appeared ruffled and restless showed how her gate was demolished with a bulldozer, leaving her house fenceless.

Although the actress the not say anything regarding the demolition, she noted that she was mentally drained.

“Nigeria has finally happened to me. It is well, am mentally drained,” the Yoruba movie star wrote.

Kiitan also announced that fellow actress Iyabo Ojo offered her shelter following the demolition.

But in a recent interview with Debbie Shokoya, the 33-year-old denied owning the demolished building.

The Ola star said she never stated that the house belonged to her.

“First and foremost, the video I posted, did I say a word in it? I didn’t say anything, not even on single words. The only thing I wrote was “Ah Nigeria has happened to me, demolition’. I never said I bought house, 500 million or I bought house 700 million, I didn’t say a word,” she said.

Iyabo Ojo offers shelter to Kiitan Bukola after demolition of property

When asked if the house belonged to her, Kiitan responded saying, “I never said it. If the house is mine, people that are very close to me, would they don’t know? I did not come out to say ‘come and congratulate me, I bought house.'”

Explaining her season for posting the video, Kiitan said: “The actual reason I posted that video was because I had pending jobs and I needed them to know this is what I am facing right now, If not I would go through that phase alone and nobody will know.”