Keyamo clashes with American Jeffrey Guterman on Twitter over Peter Obi

Festus Keyamo

Minister of state for labour and employment Festus Keyamo has clashed with a retired American mental health counselor Jeffrey Guterman on Twitter.

Guterman is a popular supporter of the presidential candidate of Labour Party Peter Obi on Twitter.

Guterman had tweeted “Shame on you, #fkeyamo” when Keyamo claimed that Obi was playing the ethnic card to get votes in the coming election.

Keyamo, who is also the spokesperson for the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign council, then warned Guterman on Tuesday to stay out of Nigeria’s politics.

Keyamo said, “As a hired online mercenary without a Nigerian Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), may I suggest you stay away from our local politics? I am under restraint from professional bodies to which I belong, hence I have not descended on you with the worst expletives.”

Guterman replied, “I will not stay away from Nigerian politics, Mr. Mugu #fkeyamo.”

In fresh exchange between the duo on Wednesday, Keyamo quoted a tweet of Guterman asking for financial help and said, “My friend #JeffreyGuterman, you should have said this from the word go that you needed financial help, hence your interest in our internal affairs to attract some patronage from supporters here. I am sorry to hear about your financial needs and I wish you well. Goodluck.”

Guterman replied, “I am not your friend, Mr. Mugu #fkeyamo. But please continue replying to my tweets. You are helping me immensely with my financial problems by allowing me to live rent free in your empty head.”