Kate Henshaw warns against flaunting children on social media

Kate Henshaw

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has warned parents on the dangers associated with flaunting their children on social media.

The 49-year-old in a tweet on Thursday made the revelation.

According to her, parents expose their children to danger when they post their pictures.

 She further explained that there are people with evil intentions and it is best to keep the children safe by not revealing their identity to the public.

She tweeted:  “I know it is hard but resist the urge to put your children out there on social media. When they are old enough to know the dangers associated with it, then ….. Many are roaming, watching, tracking, with evil intentions. May God protect our children in this new age.”

Kate Henshaw is one of the very few actresses who keep their families away from social media.

In 2019, she criticised parents who bleach their children’s skin while they are babies.