Kaffy knocks critic over comment on failed marriage


Dancer Kafayat Shafau aka Kaffy has knocked down a critic who expressed disappointed after she revealed that her marriage has crashed.

Kaffy disclosed her separation from her husband Joseph Ameh in a podcast published on Monday.

According to her, marriage is supposed to be an alignment of destinies but hers did not work out that way.

Reacting to the post on Tuesday, an Instagram who goes by the name @Officialsoul criticised Kaffy for her decision adding that her kids will grow up with the stigma of divorce.

“You’ll say I don’t understand the depth of how far you tried… but it’s not true, just know that you’ve through millions of youth that looked up to you from days of #maltaguinessstreetdance that divorce is a thing to do… you just showed us that the wrong way, you just made kids that will grow with the stigma of divorce and the tails will show in time, you just chose the work world and neglected Malachi 2:6.

“You just joined the bandwagon to promote the destruction of the first ministry of God made on earth,…what happened to the love you both saw at the beginning… self woke and selfishness has killed marriage in my era, however, God still got remnants, some of us will still marry according to the will of God and will stay in it, build it and bring God honour through selflessness and faith… Thank you,” he wrote.

Reacting to the comment, Kaffy wrote: “One day you shall understand. Live your life not to react to the world but to fulfil your purpose and destiny. You are not my auth, you can’t write my story to fit your narrative. It is well.”

Kaffy and Joseph have two children together.