Kaffy goes braless to mark 40th birthday


Dancer, Kafayat Shafau, popularly known as Kaffy, has flaunted her body in a picture intended to celebrate her 40th birthday.

In the picture shared on Instagram on Tuesday, the energetic dancer is seen in an orange robe revealing her cleavage.

She hinged the post on three words – unfiltered, unhinged and unapologetic.

Kaffy said her brand was built in the midst of all “odds being against its existence”.

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U N F I L T E R E D U N H I N G E D U N A P O L O G E T I C LET ME RE-INTORDUCE MYSELF My Name is K A F F Y Dancetrepreneur An icon Legend Kingmaker PathFinder Inventor Choreographer Fitness Trainer Podcaster Author Philanthropist A Creative Production machine MonaLisa in the Creator’s Treasury God’s BABY GIRL Decked In Gold Trillionaire in the making Global creative leader Guiness world Record holder First and Biggest dance brand My love for God produced a Mind with NO LIMITS A MIND so bold with unshakable conviction that we are ALL made and meant to be great . It is an insult to God that He would breathe Himself in to Us and we for any reason belief that we stand no chance at attaining greatness. “who youuuuu? My love and thirst for a sustainable relationship with Him and constant need to be in His presence led to who I am today as I was curious and I needed answers . The more I found the more i became . This built the muscle of Problem Solving . I can I table anything and decipher , unlock or create a way out , in , over , under , above and beyond any situation . GUESS WHAT? I dont need prior experience . My tool box is a combination of every detail in my life that came as crude oil ,packed with valuable essential knowledge nuggets processes via REFINERY OF SET LAWS. My brand was built In the midst of all “odds being against its existence “ Infact there was no template even failed ones to use as a beacon of hope of its possibility let alone its success. I am the proof of His Laws and frequencies. I don’t believe in Excuses which makes me even critical to myself and propels a nuclear level of self motivation as life has dealt its blows and if I wasn’t all aforementioned I would be DEAD! There is no impossible for me . In my world that word doesn’t exist . Difficult yes but ACHIEVABLE is my watchword. I love humanity , see everyone for their good side . I am an energy Goddess. I exude a great deal of energy , I work with energy , and hypersensitive to negative ones . Like a shark I can feel it millleeeeessss away. To be CONTINUED…..

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Earlier in the day, she posted pictures of her family on Instagram in a black and white-themed photo in celebration of her birthday.

The celebrated choreographer runs a dance school, Imagneto Dance Company, based in Lagos.

In 2006, Kaffy led her dance group to break the Guinness Book of Record for ‘longest dance party’ after they danced for 55 hours and 40 minutes.