Juliet Ibrahim shares rape experience

Juliet Ibrahim

Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has shared her experience with sexual abuse, saying “it happened to me many times.”

The 34-year-old opened up about her experience in an interview with BBC Pidgin which also features media personality, Toke Makinwa.

Juliet spoke in Pidgin English about being sexually assaulted by a cousin at about 8 or 9 years old and also by a family friend at her parents’ home when she was about 15.

“Rape happened to me, it happened to me many times as I dey grow up. One experience wey I remember very well na my cousin wey carry me for back, as e carry me for back na so e dey use him finger… The second experience na for my parents house. My parents travel leave me with aunt…,” she said on the video which she shared on Instagram on Friday.

While Toke, who also spoke in Pidgin English, touched on the concept of consent and the importance of not misinterpreting body language.

She said, “Do not misinsterprete body language and consent. Even if she wear short mini, if she say no, na no…”

On June 9, Juliet, who is of mixed Lebanese and Liberian heritage, stated that she is offended when people refer to her as a half-caste instead of a mixed race person.

“I had a random conversation the other day with someone and it was appalling when he mentioned passively to me that he doesn’t see me as a #Blackwoman! He argued, you are not ‘black enough’ your skin isn’t dark enough, your hair not kinky enough. And thus my siblings and I do not ‘count’ as black…
“Right amongst us Africans I’ll be referred to as a Half-Caste! This is the most derogatory term to describe a person of mixed race or mixed ethnicity…,” she wrote on Instagram.