Journalist Tosin Adeshokan apologises for improper sexual conducts

Journalist Oluwatosin Adeshokan accused of sexual predation

Journalist Oluwatosin Adeshokan has apologised for improper sexual conducts after several women accused him of taking advantage of them.

A BBC Eye reporter Kiki Mordi had taken to Twitter on Thursday, accusing him of claiming to be a feminist only to gain the trust of young girls and sexually harass them.

She wrote: “@theOluwatosin becoming friends with feminists and pretending to be asexual will not protect you from being called out as a predator.

“You target young feminist women, make them believe you’re a sexual minority, they trust and protect you and you take advantage of that.

“People have spoken to you in private but now me I want you to lie to my face in public. You think you can use my friendship and the friendship of women like me to continue to get away with harassing young girls?”

Ms Mordi urged women who have been allegedly victimised by Mr Adeshokan to come forward with their stories.

Adeshokan issued an apology on Twitter, writing: “I’m sorry to everyone, I truly am. There’s no explanation for what I’ve said and done but I’m honestly and truly sorry. I was idiotic and there’s no explanation. I swear I am sorry for my actions. I don’t know how to make this right but I want to. I really am sorry.”

He added in another tweet: “I’m honestly and truly sorry for everything I did. I rationalised it in my head by thinking it was sexual banter. It wasn’t. I made people uncomfortable. I’m honestly and truly sorry. I know this it too little too late and I was caught and this seems like I’m trying to save face.”

His Twitter page has since been blocked from public view.

Adeshokan was yet to reply to request for comments.