John Njamah’s son gets first ’car’

Nollywood actor, John Njamah and his wife, Angwi, have bought their son, Kamsi, his first ’car’.

The Breathless star revealed this on Thursday when he shared a picture of the boy taking his new ride for a spin on Instagram.

He captioned the post, ’’My wife and I got our son his first car and he loves it so much…’’

Kamsi’s aunt, actress, Empress Njama, took to the comments section to jokingly book a ride in the new car.

’’Hoping I can go on a ride soonest with my kamsi,’’ she wrote.

Kamsi is the second child of John and his Camroonian wife, Angwi Tangi.

They also have a daughter, Ziorah, who was born on their first wedding anniversary in July 2017.