Jim Iyke ‘vents’ it all on the beach

Jim IykeJim Iyke will do just about anything to get in the news.

Days after he made light of the tragic Ebola outbreak in West Africa by posting a picture of himself (in gas mask), fleeing Liberia, the bad boy is now venting it all in the sun at the beach.

At least that is what he told his fans via this picture with the message below on Instagram.

“I vent it all at sea; my weakness. Her manipulation. Their ignorance. Her coldness. My strength. Her youth. My dreams. Their opinion courts. Her doubts. My genius. Their love. Her youth. Her family. My nonchalance. Their judgments. My faith. Her promiscuity. My lust. Her crush. My sire. My health. Their love. My future. Her past. My distance. Her innocence. Her illness. My family. Their disappointments. My orchestration. My love. Their cynicism. My decisions. Her resentment. My questions. Her her denials. My betrayal. Her history. My personae. Their fears. My loss. My Gladys. My Jehovah. Eternal grateful! #soalive!!”