Janemena threatens to block those posting twerking videos of kids

Dancer Janemena Plies has warned against tagging her in videos of children twerking.

The Instaagram dancer gave the warning in an Instagram post on Thursday, threatening to block anyone who tags her in the videos.

According to Janemena such videos are annoying to watch.

“Stop filming kids twerking. If you tag me to a kid twerking, I will block you,” the 28-year-old warned.

“Very annoying sight to see,” she added.

It will be recalled that in October 2021, Janemena was dragged into the messy drama with actress Tonto and her ex-lover Prince Kpokpogri after the former claimed that the latter made a sex tape with the dancer and it was just a matter of time before she blackmails her with it.

In response, Janemena threatened a defamation suit against the actress who she also dared to release the sex tape if it truly existed.

Events however took a different turn on October 16 after a voice recording of Kpokpogri boasting about his sexual ordeal with the dancer went viral on social media.

Kpokpogri could be heard in the audiotape saying he slept with the married dancer several times and that she was very good in bed.

Meanwhile, the seemly unbothered dancer has continued to upload videos of her twerking on Instagram.