Jaiye Kuti defends Olaiya Igwe’s choice to prostrate before MC Oluomo over car gift

Nollywood actress jaiye kuti

Actress Jaiye Kuti has defended her colleague Olaiya Igwe’s choice to prostrate before MC Oluomo in appreciation after the latter surprised him with a car.

Qed.ng on August 10 reported that Oluomo, chairman of the Lagos State Park and Garages Management, surprised Olaiya with a Benz as his birthday present

In a video posted by Oluomo’s son, an excited Olaiya Igwe prostrated to appreciate Oluomo for the gesture; an act that did not sit well with many as they criticised him for prostrating before someone they believe is younger than him.

Defending Olaiya’s actions in a video posted on Instagram on Thursday, Jaiye Kuti said she would have done the same if she were in the actor’s shoes.

Speaking in the Yoruba language, she said: “Be grateful for everything, value the act in which it has come, show gratitude not attitude….there is something we call, unexpected kindness and if God makes you receive unexpected kindness, the way you will show appreciation will make people think you are mad.

“If a young child buys me a house when I least expect it, I will roll on the floor too. I pray God blesses me with unexpected kindness”