Iyabo Ojo deletes Instagram posts after accusing colleagues of leaking information to bloggers

Yoruba Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has deleted almost all of her Instagram posts after accusing colleagues of leaking information to bloggers.

The 41-year-old made the accusation in a now-deleted post made on Tuesday, October 29.


“What exactly is going on peeps? Why are we bent on destroying ourselves? Bloggers are feeding on people’s lives like there’s no tomorrow. Information coming out from colleagues to the ears of bloggers, sending anonymous DMs just to tarnish people’s image,” she had written.

A check on her Instagram page showed that she had taken down the post and numerous others.


There were three posts on the page when Qed.ng visited it on Thursday morning.

Only two pictures with her children in them survived from the past.

She has, however, uploaded a new video of her promoting a food brand.

The mother of two had in December 2018 said Nollywood is plagued by gossip and backbiting by actors.


She said actors are just fair-weather friends who don’t support themselves.

“Can I just hint y’all that we are just colleagues in some competition that no one understands, unfortunately not only two can play the game but hundreds can play the role.

“Oh yes, we get along with some, yet we are mindful of our utterances because all they want to know is you, then we act for the Instagram where we seek validation for our not so real relationships.


“Problems starts when you refuse to let them into your business, you become a rival and a threat, they start rewriting the script and when they’re done destroying you, they move to the next gullible victim,” she told her followers.

Not done, she added: “Don’t be fooled. Watch, learn, get entertained and move on.

“We are all acting; 20 years of entertainment, different roles, same game.”