Islamic cleric reveals how Chinese, accused of killing Kano lover, converted to Islam

Chinese killer of Kano woman Ummakulsum Buhari

Islamic cleric Aminu Daurawa has narrated what he told Kano lady Ummulkulsum Sani who was planning to marry a Chinese Geng Quandong.

Addressing a people at a religious gathering, Daurawa outlined the conditions he gave the late Ms Sani after Mr Quandong converted to Islam to marry her.

Quandong, 47, is being prosecuted for the alleged murder of Sani, 23, at Janbalu quarters on September 17.

Daurawa said a week before she was killed, Sani called in on the telephone asking for his counsel after Quandong converted to Islam.

“Your parents said the right thing because you can’t marry someone without knowing his background,” he claimed to have told her.

Daurawa said he supported the marriage but advised that certain things must be considered before the marriage because Islam is against racism and tribalism.

“Islam is against racism and tribalism but make sure you involved Nigeria Immigration in the marriage process because I witnessed how men with unknown family backgrounds got married and fled, leaving women with children’s responsibilities, the cleric narrated the phone conversation between him and the deceased.

“You have to contact Immigration whether he is legally staying in Nigeria, the business he is into, involved the Chinese Community in Kano authentic where he comes from, his background is important,” Daurawa added.

He said he also advised her to notify the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria about the planned wedding and involve the Kano Hisbah board to teach him how to practice Islam.

Daurawa said once these steps are completed, he will meet with her parents to convince them to allow the marriage to take place.

“It’s unfortunate, one week later, I leant that she was killed, it’s a very sad development, may her soul rest in peace,” the cleric prayed.

He urged Nigerian authorities to ensure that justice is served to serve as a deterrent to others and prevent the reoccurrence of the ugly incident.