Is Mick Jagger responsible for Brazil’s World Cup demolition?

English musician, singer, songwriter and actor, Mick Jagger, is not the man you want supporting your football team. Legend has it that Brazilians have begged the vocalist and founding member of the Rolling Stone to cease further support of their football team.

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger (in cap) and his son attended Brazil’s World Cup semifinal vs. Germany.

Jagger is believed to have developed a reputation for cursing the teams he supported at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when he was present for the elimination of England (his homeland), the U.S. (he attended with Bill Clinton) and Brazil (he has a Brazilian son with model Luciana Gimenez). But that turned out to be nothing compared to the horror he ushered in at the 2014 World Cup.

With the Rolling Stones on tour, Jagger could not attend the early rounds of the ongoing World Cup in Brazil, but still afflicted teams with his tainted support from afar. At a concert in Rome, he predicted Italy would beat Uruguay to reach the knockout stage. Italy lost 1-0 and was eliminated. At a show in Lisbon, he predicted Portugal would win the tournament. Portugal also went out in the group stage. And when England played Uruguay, he tweeted “Let’s go England! This is the one we win!!!” England lost and, like the others, failed to reach the knockout stage.

This prompted Brazilians to dub Jagger “pe frio” — a term for bad luck that translates to “cold foot.” They tried to harness his powers of destruction and use them against their rivals along the way to reaching the semi-finals by bringing cardboard cut-outs of him wearing the opposing team’s shirt and offering a message of support in word bubbles. One of such cardboards of him wearing a German jersey was seen at Tuesday’s semi-final in Belo Horizonte with the message “Let’s go Germany”.

Wearing an England hat to try and divert his curse to a team he’s already doomed, Jagger attended the Brazil-Germany match with his son, who wore a Brazil shirt, and a group of other local supporters. And the result was emphatic enough to make a believer in occult out of anyone. Brazil lost 7-1, with five goals coming in the first 30 minutes of play — a new World Cup record. It was Brazil’s widest margin of defeat ever. Not just in the World Cup. Ever. It was Brazil’s first home loss in a competitive match since 1975. And to top it off, Germany’s Miroslav Klose scored to overtake Brazilian Ronaldo all-time World Cup scoring record against Brazil and in Brazil.

This was the first match Jagger attended during this World Cup and it just so happened to be one of the worst losses in the history of the sport. Clearly his powers of destruction are only growing stronger.

  • Adapted from Yahoo Sport