Instagram bans Champions League pitch invader

Bikini-clad Champions League pitch invader

The woman who streaked across the pitch during the Champions League final on Saturday has been banned from Instagram.

Russian-American Kinsey Wolanski, 22, who is the girlfriend of YouTuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, ran across the field in the first half of the Liverpool versus Tottenham match in Madrid.

She wore a black swimsuit with the phrase Vitaly Uncensored – a website set up by her boyfriend – written on the front.

Wolanski gained over two million followers on Instagram as a result of the publicity stunt, but the photo and video-sharing social networking service provider did not find her act amusing.

Where her pictures have previously been embedded onto news sites, a message from Instagram appears reading: “This photo or video has been removed from Instagram.”

The reason for the shutdown was not stated, but Wolanski took to Twitter to state that the account had been hacked.

She went on to post short videos of herself hitting the treadmill in an attempt to “run off” the stress, as well explaining that she would be using Twitter to share her news for the time being. 

Meanwhile, boyfriend Zdorovetskiy has vowed to marry his beau after her pitch invasion antics, with Wolanski having been released by Spanish police and saying she feels “amazing.”

Zdorovetskiy himself staged a pitch invasion at the World Cup final in Brazil in 2014 – and claimed he had been forced to enter the stadium in Madrid on Saturday incognito.

Wolanski’s antics have proven valuable for Vitaly Uncensored, as it was estimated that the act will earn the brand around £3.5million in advertising revenue going forward.