I’m not a boring wife material – IK Ogbanna’ wife

IK Ogbonna and wife Sonia Morales

Sonia, wife of Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna, on Thursday gave fans a glimpse of what they do behind closed doors with a kinky picture she posted on Instagram.

In the picture, the 25-year-old Colombian, who says “I’m not your boring and predictable wife material”, sits on her husband’s laps with her zip undone.

A pair of handcuffs hanging from her jeans – suggesting that the couple may be up to some BDSM – adds more kink to the post.

The polyglot indicates that she is a dominatrix with the words “I break the norms and I create them. I cannot just ‘obey’. I don’t ‘serve’. I do MAGIC. I have superpowers. I change lives around me. I am my own kind of a woman. Imperfect, far from saint, I am a trouble and a challenge.”

Those who have seen the movie 50 Shades of Grey will understand Sonia’s comment “I have seen all shades of life and I don’t pretend – I embrace my own individual nature and that is why I am the most unconditionally loved for by the only person in this whole universe who can deal with me without being my weakness but my deepest strength”

Ik and Sonia Ogbonna officially tied the knot in 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia and Sonia have a son, Ace, together.

The couple appeared in the sex issue of Ghoste Magazine earlier this year.