I’m giving marriage a long break – Uche Ogbodo

Actress Uche Ogbodo, whose union with football agent, Apo Arthur, ended in a bitter crash 10 months after the pair had a traditional wedding, has disclosed that she is taking a long break from marriage.

Ms Uche, the proud mother of an adorable girl, in a recent interview published by Encomium magazine said Ubby is history.

“Bygone is Bygone,” she said.

While saying, “I am open to anything; I will be hopeful,” she added,“I am not ready. I am taking a long break but I wouldn’t close my eyes to the possibility of marriage.”

With the bitter episode with her ex still fresh in her mind, she declared,“I will shine my eyes next time.”

She is however grateful for her daughter, the product of the union.

“The Unconditional love and unquestionable love. This is someone loving you unconditionally. It is quite difficult to explain the love between mother and child,” she said.

In a statement she released shortly after the break-up with Ubby became public knowledge, Uche had said, “I realised I had made the greatest mistake of my life. The foundation of the union was based on lies and deceit.

“We had been dating for almost a year and I thought I knew everything but nothing prepared me for what unfolded.

“Yes, I am the one walking out on the pack of lies, I am not going to pretend because I want to be married. I am not desperate and I would rather swallow my pride and accept I made a big mistake than forge ahead in lies.”