I’ll remain silent until Mr Ibu gets back on his feet – Adopted daughter

Jasmine Okafor Mr Ibu daughter

Jasmine Okafor, adopted daughter of actor John Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu, has said she will remain silent on the allegations against her until the actor is back on his feet again.

She made this known in an Instagram post on Friday with a video, detailing how she has been taking care of Mr Ibu since he was admitted to a hospital.

Captioning the video, Jasmine pointed out that nothing matters as long as her adopted father is getting better.

“As long as you are getting better, nothing else matters. I remain silent until you are back to (sic) your feet again! Cheers,” she wrote.

Mr Ibu’s family has been making headlines since the actor’s wife Stella Maris made a post accusing Jasmine of denying her access to the funds donated for Mr Ibu’s surgery. She further claimed Jazmine and her stepson Daniel secretly got married and are planning to relocate abroad.

Mr Ibu’s wife denies demanding money from surgery donations for BBL, iPhone

Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, son secretly married, planning to relocate to UK as couple – Wife

The woman made the allegations while responding to self-acclaimed activist Verydarkman’s allegations that she accused Jasmine of highjacking money meant for Ibu’s surgery because she wanted to buy a brand-new iPhone, a car and undergo butt enlargement.