I won’t tolerate any fool talking down on my dad, Teni warns

Teni the Entertainer

Singer Teniila Apata popularly known as Teni has said she will not tolerate any fool who talks down on her late father.

The 29-year-old old gave the warning in the early hours of Tuesday after a fan dragged her dad into her giveaway post.

Teni had earlier announced she will be giving money to loyal fans on Twitter. She also shared screenshots of the credit alerts receipt.

A Twitter user Mazi Okeke who unfortunately did not benefit from Teni’s charity stormed the social media platform to lament.

The angry fan tagged the giveaway as ‘rubbish’ as he vowed to dissociate himself from her fan base.

“Your papa, which kind rubbish giveaway you do sef. I don commot myself from your fanbase biko,” he tweeted.

Infuriated by the mention of her late father, Teni lashed out at Mazi, saying her father, though dead, is better than him.

She wrote: “My father in his grave is better than you that is alive. Just saying. Love and light.”

In another post, the ‘Case’ singer warned others against speaking about her father.

She wrote: “My father was a man and a half. Ask around who my father was. Won’t tolerate any fool talking down on my father.”