I will still marry Umahi in my next world — Wife

Rachael Umahi, wife of Ebonyi State Governor David Umahi, says she would gladly be the governor’s wife again if there was marriage in the next world.

She stated this on Tuesday at the governor’s wife complex inaugurated by her husband in Abakaliki.

“I want to foremostly thank God for giving my husband the ability to construct this complex as it should be proclaimed to the whole world that we presently have such facility,” she said.

“In the next world, if there is anything such as marriage, I will not marry if David Umahi fails to propose to me.”

Mrs Umahi said that celebrating the new complex was justifiable because it was the climax to a fitting reign as the state governor’s wife.

“The Bible tells us that the end of a matter is better than its beginning there-of and its perfection is the end.

“I wish to tell all those who are still murmuring that I am counting the remaining days in office more than they and will leave more refreshed and experienced.

“Anyone who seeks to satisfy everybody will run high blood pressure and whether people clap or not I will will majestically occupy the ‘first lady’s’ seat at the complex,” she said.

Mrs Umahi promised to maintain the relationships she developed in office when out of it, and sought forgiveness from those she might have offended.

“I urge women to be patient and prayerful as God can annoint the next ‘first lady’ from you,” she added.