I was sexually abused at six, Eva Alordiah reveals

Eva Alordiah

Rapper Eva Alordiah revealed she was sexually abused at age six.

The music star disclosed this during an interactive session on Twitter on Wednesday after critics asked if she was still a virgin.

Eva also lamented the fact that some people consider virginity as the major “yardstick to measure how ‘good’ of a woman you are.”

“So yesterday someone asked me in QnA in my stories if I was a virgin. I understand this question considering the type of society I grew up in. It is a sort of yardstick to measure how ‘good’ of a woman you are,” she wrote.

“Every time I put up a QnA, there is always that one cow who asks this question, ‘are you a virgin?’“No. And you must be very stupid to go around asking women you don’t know questions like this. I may be wrong but I don’t think I have ever seen this question directed at men.

“Usually when the concept of being a Virgin is brought up, it’s the “Woman” who is expected to be a virgin. Thankfully, life taught me different and my unique experience ensured that against my will, I was introduced to my own vulnerable sexuality at age 6.”

The 32-year-old added that conversations about virginity often worsen the trauma of victims who have been sexually abused in the past.

“And I am not isolated in this. So many men and women today carry heavy sexual trauma in adulthood because their innocence was ripped off their hands before they knew what it was.”

“An aunty would not stop touching down there. A so-called ‘uncle’ would not stop poking in there. Many kids cover up the scars of the sexual abuse within, have no one to talk to and then have to face a society that expects you to be perfect, untouched, holy, because otherwise, you are going to hell — the one they have subconsciously created that has fire and coal,” she wrote.