Yemi Alade accuses air hostess of racial discrimination

Yemi Alade

Afro-pop singer and songwriter, Yemi Alade, has alleged that she suffered racial discrimination from an air hostess on an unnamed flight to the United Kingdom.

In a post to Instagram on Thursday, the 29-year-old shared a video in which she expressed her disappointment at how she was treated because of the way she looked.

Sporting an Arsenal jersey, she said she said the hostess estimated her worth by her appearance.

One of the hostesses “basically grab my legs and shook it to wake me up,” she said adding that she was “dazed” at the behaviour.

“Have you ever been poorly treated by an air hostess? Racial discrimination is a No No! Treat people with respect! It shouldn’t be sizing people up so you can address them according to your mental estimate. It’s inhumane,” Yemi Alade captioned the post.

Yemi Alade recently announced that she will soon be on tour from July 28 to August 18 in venues across the United States and Canada.

She shared her anticipation to meet people from different races all around the world.

“I am so grateful to be able to tour the world and meet people of different races every day,” Alade said.

“I am thankful to you for showing up at every venue. It means the world to me.”