I was mummy’s boy — Newly engaged BBNaija’s Saga

Saga BBN

Big Brother Naija star Saga has revealed that he was “mummy’s boy” until her death in his final year at the university.

The reality TV star, who recently got engaged to a fellow Big Brother Naija star Nini, disclosed this in an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo.

Jideonwo shared a video of the interview on Instagram.

Saga recounted the active role his mother played in his life prior to her death, noting that her death left a void in his life because his mother did practically everything for him.

Saga said his mum took ill after his 21st birthday and his life never became the same again.

He said, “I was mummy’s boy. My mum used to come to school every weekend and she died when I was in final year.

“She came every weekend and did every birthday. Sometimes she even insists I come home every weekend, she will drive me back to school after church on Sunday.

“I was a proper mummy’s boy. If my dad doesn’t go out with her, I’d go out with her like her husband, I’d wear her husband’s clothes, I will go to her office. Proper mummy’s boy.

“When she left, she gave me the opportunity to be my own man.

“My father and I had to first fight because my mum occupied all the space in my heart. My dad was also good to us, but she was just there 100%. So it left a very huge vacuum.

“My dad lost his love, I lost my mother so both of us were just kinda going mad. So it really made me be my own man because I had to find my feet.

“I had to discover myself when my mummy pass, I really had to redefine myself, I started painting out of confusion. Eventually, things became better. My father started seeing me.”