I was asked to rest after viral ‘Oga at the Top’ remark — NSCDC DCG Shem Obafiaye

NSCDC officer Shem Obafiaye behind oga at the top remark

Deputy Commandant-General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Shem Obafiaye has revealed the events that followed his viral ‘Oga at the Top’ remark in 2013.

Obafiaye was last week promoted to the rank of deputy commandant-general.

In 2013, when he was Lagos commandant of the NSCDC, he gained widespread attention during an appearance on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily.

When asked to provide the NSCDC’s website, he replied, “The website is… excuse me… wait… it can only be made known by my Oga at the top,” pointing skywards and smiling broadly.

NSCDC officer Shem Obafiaye behind viral ‘Oga at the Top’ remark promoted to deputy CG

On Tuesday, however, during an interview on the same programme, he recounted the aftermath of his viral phrase.

Asked if the interview affected him psychologically, he said: “Definitely, it has to because I had never gone through such in my life, but with the words of my cousin, ‘I know you have a future; if you are ready for national recognition, be ready for national embarrassment, harassment, and insults’.”

Obiafiaye noted that “immediately after the interview—and I was changed—my principal, who is my commandant general, just asked me to rest. I was at home for one month rest before they moved me to Oyo State Command.”

Addressing the impact on his family, Obafiaye said his son often came home, mentioning being called ‘Oga at the Top’ by classmates.

Despite this, he emphasised that it was part of the experience, not a crime, and that he did not face negative consequences.