I regret nominating Osinbajo to join Tinubu’s cabinet — Bayo Onanuga

Bayo Onanuga

Spokesman of the Tinubu Campaign Organisation Bayo Onanuga on Monday said he regrets nominating Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to join the cabinet of Bola Tinubu while the latter was governor of Lagos.

According to him, those who were at the meeting to decide Tinubu’s cabinet in 1999 were Gbenga Daniel, Dele Alake and Onanuga.

Onanuga said in a statement that Tinubu wanted Bayo Oriola to be attorney general.

“I shot back and said: ‘I have a better person for you’, my exact words,” he said.

“Tinubu was startled by my interjection. ‘He is a Law Professor and the man who drafted our company’s MOU. He crafted it in a brilliant way that protected us from the founding partners. Without this, the other shareholders would have thrown us out’, I explained.

“I also said Osinbajo had worked with prince Bola Ajibola, who was the attorney-general and minister of justice under President Ibrahim Babangida.

“Dele and Otunba Daniel did not oppose my nomination, surprisingly. Tinubu also appeared eager to meet the ‘wonder lawyer’ that I had just sold to him, to replace a man, who had served as the lawyer to the campaign.”

The former managing director of the News Agency of Nigeria added that after the meeting, he went to Osinbajo’s house in Ogudu to invite him to meet Tinubu.

“I remember entering the apartment from the kitchen. The wife was there when I delivered the message and left the house with him, later.

“Looking back now, do I regret what I did in January 1999? Yes, I would say I have some regret, especially since my action hurt Bayo Oriola. And my apology to Oriola once again. I could not have foreseen today’s turn of events between Tinubu and Osinbajo, who I nominated to be justice commissioner,” Onanuga said.