I was delivered of my daughter 12 days early – TBoss


Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate TBoss has revealed that she was delivered of her daughter Starr 12 days early through a Caesarean section because she could no longer wait.

The 36-year-old stated this in an Instagram Live session, saying she also hid some photographs of herself during pregnancy from the public because she was skinny.

TBoss born Tokunbo Idowu narrated how she had to choose between becoming a mother and continuing with the ‘celebrity lifestyle’.

She said: “I had the choices of being a mother or continuing with this celebrity lifestyle and I thought about it for a nanosecond and said I was going to be a mum. I was like, I wasn’t even thinking about it, everything else could go, I don’t care. I want that baby.”

Then she added: “I had my child through Caesarean, CS. I actually brought out my child 12 days earlier because I couldn’t wait. I wanted to hold her in my arms. I wanted to see and kiss her. I just couldn’t wait any more. I was too eager, plus I some horrible Braxton Hicks and some reactions that made the doctor advise we bring her out, just in case.”

On the paternity of her child, TBoss said: “It’s personal. It’s private. Who ought to know, knows. It just simply means that you shouldn’t know.”

Several persons have been suspected to be the father of the child like Senator Dino Melaye, Ubi Franklin and Uti Nwachukwu.

After keeping her baby’s face away from the public for six months, TBoss finally revealed her face on February 14 which was Valentine’s Day.

TBoss admitted in an Instagram post that although it was ‘selfish’ of her to continue to shield her little girl from those “who may not always have the best intentions”, she realises that she cannot physically protect her baby forever.